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Colonic Hydrotherapy/Colonic Irrigation in Manchester/Colon cleansing

AB Holistic health Clinic is the ultimate place for complete detoxification of body and mind. Colonic irrigation (also known as colonic hydrotherapy) helps the body to deal more effectively with the toxic effects of our modern lifestyles and diet. Colonic Irrigation is an effective gentle way of removing waste matter by using the introduction of water into the bowel which stimulates the muscle to contract. This helps to tone, exercise and cleanse the bowel.

Abigail Rhodes is one of only a few hundred practitioners in the country who are fully accredited and regulated to carry out Colonic Irrigation. She trained with the European School of Colonic Hydrotherapy in 2004 and has been a practising Holistic Health therapist for more than 20 years.

Based in Oldham AB Health is one of the longest established centres for Colonic Irrigation and other Natural Healthcare treatments. Open six days a week including evenings and occasional Sundays.


“Absolutely Excellent Service – Would Highly Recommend!! I’ve been going to see Abigail at AB Health Colonic Irrigation for a number of years now and can honestly say after visiting Abigail I would never even consider going anywhere else for a colonic.” GM

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via telephone – 0161 624 1804 or via Email: colonicsdetox3@gmail.com